Text Box: Mitigate—the action of lessening in severity or intensity.
Mitigating Radon in your home is accomplished by passing the Radon laden soil gasses around the living space and venting them above the roof of the house where they can dissipate harmlessly into the atmosphere. We do this by boring a hole in the sump pump lid or into the concrete floor of the basement, inserting a pipe which is caulked air tight and then running the pipe either through the house to the attic or out of the house and up the side. A fan or air pump is then placed on this pipe and the piping continues either through the roof or around the soffit & fascia to vent above the roof. 
In the case of a crawl space, perforated pipe is routed on the floor in a loop which will join at a “T”. A poly barrier is placed over the entire crawl space floor on top of the pipe and is then caulked up onto the walls of the crawl space to the wall. As with the basement above, a venting pipe and fan are then installed to pull the Radon laden soil gasses from the soul beneath the crawl space poly through the perforated pipe. When installed correctly the poly will suck tight against the soil of the crawl space.
Our Average Post-Mitigation results are below 0.6 pCi/L.

Radon Mitigation