ABOUT RADON Resolution

Text Box: Radon, Inc. came about when I became aware of the harm Radon was causing to families and the ease and low cost associated with removing this hazard from homes. It is my goal to support families who want to Breathe With Confidence knowing that Radon levels are at a minimum. 
As a young pilot in Strategic Air Command I was regularly trained on the hazards which would result from detonation of nuclear weapon and how to survive its radiation and other effects. Later, while working for a major electric utility, I was again trained on nuclear safety and the physiological damage which could result from radiation associated with nuclear power plants. Every employee and contractor within the fence of a nuclear plant is required to wear personal dosimetry to track lifetime exposure. Ironically, the dose a family member receives in their home if they are at the EPA recommended limit of 4 pCi/L is significantly worse than the exposure allowed at the fence of a nuclear waste dump!
My knowledge of lung cancer which is the risk associated with Radon exposure became first hand as my family watched helplessly as my father died of lung cancer in 1981. His was probably sourced from a lifetime of smoking. It is our sincere desire to help your family avoid this experience by reducing Radon as a source in your home.
Radon sourced lung cancer kills more people in our service areas than all driving related deaths combined! Testing and Mitigation are your seat belt and air bag!