Text Box: Our responsibility is to support you, our customers and clients, to have a safer home. 
The following products and services are offered with that goal in mind.

Service List

Text Box: We use state of the art continuous monitors to conduct a 48 hr. test which is read when we pick up the monitor. We are normally available to place the monitor within a few hours of your phone call. If you meet us at the property we will hand you a report then or fax/email it to

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Real estate Testing

Text Box: Our testing is to NEHA standards. Short Term Tests takes 2 to 90 days. Long Term Tests take 90 days to 1 year. We will provide you with EPA: Citizens Guide to Radon and explain methods of mitigation if the reading is high. This is equivalent to a certified test

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Non-Certified Testing

Text Box: This user-friendly test kit comes with simple to follow instructions and a copy of EPA: Citizens Guide to Radon. Once you have the results we will contact you to help you interpret the results and when needed explain methods of mitigation.

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Self Testing

Text Box: We mitigate in compliance with NEHA / NRPP standards, guarantee to meet both short term and long term test and warrant our Fan and installation for 5 full years.




We will look at your home to determine how to best mitigate and then develop an estimate

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Self Test Kits


Hardware stores offer kits but often charge additional for lab fees to read the results. The below kits include lab fees and postage in most cases.



Dane County offers self test kits for $10. Contact them at 608 243-0330.



Simply send a check for $10 made out to Madison City Treasurer to:


Public Health

   Madison and Dane County

Attn: Radon Test Kits

2701 International Ln.

Suite 204

Madison, WI 53704



National Safety Council  offers short term test kits for $9.95 or long term test kits for $20 at their web site.