Debbie’s home tested for Radon at 6.7 pCi/l before Radon Inc Mitigation. After our work it tested at 0.2 pCi/l.

A sub-slab system was installed in a small section of unfinished basement. The piping was routed inconspicuously through the garage and out the garage roof with the fan installed in the garage attic.

DebbIE In Madison

I was trying to sell my house on the west side of Madison in the spring of 2009.  The contract went through except that I failed to meet the criteria for radon.  I was in a panic.  Would the entire deal fall through?  I got on the phone and started calling.  It was a Thursday evening.  No one answered their phone, of course, except Dan Skelton of Radon, Inc.  He immediately calmed me down and explained the procedure.  I had never heard of a Radon Mitigation System and was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to get that radon number down to acceptable levels for my buyers.  After talking to Dan, I felt very much assured.


I did finally get hold of some other providers.  Dan and some other companies came out to look at my situation and provide an estimate.  I found Dan to be very thorough and cost effective.  I felt I would get more personal service from him and chose Radon, Inc. to do the work.


I was so glad I did!  Dan was a hard worker, meticulous, respectful, got the job done utilizing high standards, and even spotlessly cleaned up everything when he was finished.  The only thing left was to do the follow up testing.


In this arena, particularly, I was really glad I had chosen Radon, Inc.  On the last day of testing, a Sunday night, one of my teen age daughter’s friends was downstairs watching TV and tripped over the radon testing machine, causing it to unplug and fall to the floor.  I immediately called Dan.  We were up against contract deadlines, etc, not to mention how horrible I felt about possibly breaking Dan’s testing machine.  It was 9:30 at night, and Dan not only answered his phone, but immediately came over.  He was able to fix the machine, extract the existing data, and calm me down that all was cool with my radon problem.  What a relief!


Going that extra mile, especially when the stakes are so high, is why I was glad to get the personal service I got from Radon, Inc. and Dan Skelton.

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